Case Study

Platform-based IRM scope for a UK operator.


Oil & Gas


Platform-based IRM scope for a UK operator.

What we delivered

Successful anchor chain inspection, cleaning and measurement with an additional deliverable of subsea template modelling (3D point cloud produced using photogrammetry).

Using the latest communications and modelling technology, ROVOP worked closely with the client to develop a robust live video streaming service back to shore. Two-way open communications allowed the inspection and data recording engineers to run the work scope remotely from onshore, resulting in three less people on board the vessel, where accommodation was limited due to the COVID-imposed restrictions.

The cloud-based viewing platform allowed those working from home to view the inspection work as it unfolded. They were able to see exactly what the ROV and inspection engineers were seeing in real-time. Data, which would once have taken weeks to return from offshore to be analysed, was captured as those watching onshore were able to influence the operation live, making the campaign much more efficient.