Your Global ROV Specialist

Complete ROV solutions, for exceptional subsea operations

Your global ROV Specialist

Putting safety and efficiency at the core of our operations across all key sectors.

We challenge ourselves every day to find smarter ways of working... Ever better ways to deliver on your priorities and objectives.

Our track record and market reach in subsea robotics services position ROVOP as a partner of choice for major players in multiple sectors.

Our complete ROV solutions – high quality assets and tooling applications, together with industry-leading personnel – reduce risk and realise cost gains for you, while maximising safety and operational performance.

A dedicated ROV Focus

All our energy, talent, experience and resources applied to deliver high performance to your subsea operations.

In-depth insight

Consistently exceptional services, based on a profound understanding of the subsea robotics world.

Solving problems, adding value

Surveys, maintenance regimes, construction, decommissioning and more – we’re uniquely equipped to deliver.

An independent mindset

A distinctive and streamlined operational model, defined by simplicity, flexibility and responsiveness.

Equipped to mobilise swiftly

An asset portfolio of over 40 ROVs and a comprehensive suite of advanced sensors and tooling applications.

Experienced People

150 skilled offshore personnel – quality work execution, underpinned by in-house professional development programmes.