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Ocean Bottom Node deployment in Central North Sea


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Ocean Bottom Node deployment in Central North Sea

What we delivered

When a client required detailed seafloor seismic analysis, ROVOP were on hand to support the deployment of ocean bottom nodes (OBNs) in the Central North Sea. These nodes were deployed over an area of approximately 90km², ahead of a seismic source vessel which later scanned the region to generate clean, repeatable data.

OBNs are ideal for clients looking to quantify, record and analyse accurate seismic data. Typically, hundreds of nodes are placed in rows on the seafloor, with their own power source, geophones, clocks and other accessories included.

Once in place, a source boat passes over the nodes with a seismic source array. The energy it emits into the subsurface reflects back off the nodes resting atop different layers of rocks, salt and volcanic layers to create an accurate picture of what lies below.

Following extensive pre-project testing, ROVOP deployed a Triton XLX work-class ROV fitted with an 18-node capacity deployment skid, which worked in tandem with another incumbent WROV system to both deploy and recover the nodes to and from the seabed. Our experienced ROV team were on hand to assist with the restocking and emptying of the tool trays over the course of the one-month deployment.

The client was delighted with the safe and timely completion of the project, which resulted in high-accuracy data being gathered.