Complex engineering around decommissioning demands ROV support bespoke to unique project circumstances.


One of the biggest challenges of decommissioning is the recording, dismantling and removal of infrastructure in a safe and environmentally sound manner. With experience working for both operators and contractors, ROVOP decommissioning services include the visual inspection of subsea infrastructure, cutting and removal of debris, collection of samples and onsite support services.

Case Study

ROVOP is working closely with a major operator during the decommissioning of their flagship North Sea field infrastructure. Having worked with the operator's decommissioning team to identify the unique requirements of the project, ROVOP engineered and integrated a bespoke launch and recovery system for installation to the platform. The workscope for the ROVOP Schilling HD work class ROV system includes inspection and removal of debris, collection of samples, and the operation of a Stackable Lightweight Intervention Connector System.