My experience as a Graduate Trainee at ROVOP

By Callum Lamont, Contracts Engineer

A1 A6620

The ROVOP graduate scheme is built to provide individuals with knowledge and opportunities to progress in their future career. This is something that has been proven to me as I progressed through the ROVOP graduate scheme, gaining experience, before continuing into a full-time role within the commercial team.

Before joining ROVOP, I was unclear as to where my working life would begin and what my future role would be. The scheme opened in 2014 where I was lucky enough to be accepted and start the journey, as the first of ROVOP’s graduates. The scheme itself opened a variety of doors which enabled me to gain the relevant experience working through various departments which allowed ROVOP and I to ascertain which route was best for me as I completed the two-year program. Whilst working for different departments through the scheme I was able to appreciate the working relationships between people and the company functions and how processes interlinked, highlighting that communication, team work and strong leadership were vitally important.

Whilst progressing through the graduate scheme, gaining knowledge and professional skills, ROVOP as a company continued to grow. This exciting time provided me with greater opportunities and business awareness as I witnessed ROVOP’s expansion, including that to a new region – Houston. One particular opportunity which came towards the end of the scheme, and is worth noting, was the time I spent in Houston. This period of time again proved to provide me with more knowledge in a different working culture and awareness as to how our offices work together as a company to further our growth. This is one of many opportunities that the graduate scheme provides and adds to the portfolio of experience that graduates require to make decisions on their career once completing the program. The experience and knowledge gained leaves you in a very strong position within ROVOP and provides you and the company with great opportunities to utilise what the scheme has provided – investing in youth to deliver in excellence.

As the two-year program came to a close, it was clear where my ambitions lay, and ROVOP allowed me to exercise this by taking up a role in the commercial team. The strengths I gained and continue to gain during and after the graduate scheme has resulted in me starting a very positive career at ROVOP where I have recently progressed into a Contracts Engineer role, working in and building on a great team of people. Gaining interchangeable skills through the Graduate Scheme provides invaluable qualities, opening the door to progression and development - this is what ROVOP’s scheme and company are about. As we continue to grow, this is a great time to be part of ROVOP, where investing in graduates and the right people is at the forefront of ROVOP’s agenda.

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